Tourist package – the Polish language


Polish on a trip
– access to the package for 3 months (24h)
– recommended for learning before a trip and easy to use while abroad
– specially selected topics that make travelling easier
– learning Polish you can use English or Russian
– vocabulary – phrases – dialogues – useful on a trip
– language games – films – realia – texts
– extra free – a detailed learning script for each day – step by step
– certificate after completing the course


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What will you gain thanks to the tourist package:

– the tourist package is for learning before a trip and it is helpful on the journey
– you can quickly find vocabulary and phrases you need at any time
– thanks to learning the tourist package you can easily communicate in different situations during a trip: in a restaurant, at a travel agency, at the airport, on a train, in a hotel, asking for directions or if you need to see a doctor.