Russian language course

29,00  / miesiąc

– access to the Russian course 24h
– price:  29 zł  or 7 € or 8 $
– access to all levels – from beginner to advanced
– learning Russian you can use English or Polish
– dozens of practical topics
– vocabulary – phrases – dialogues
– language games – films – realia- texts
– listening – reading – writing exercises
– motivating – reminding
– extra free – a detailed learning script for each day – step by step
– certificate after completing the course
– right to cancel your subscription at any time

Do you want to make a one-off payment? Choose access for 3 months (27 PLN / month).






Course program:

– you will learn vocabulary and phrases needed to communicate in real-life situations
– you will learn thematically – without any unnecessary additions
– you will understand what native speakers say
– after completing all the exercises, you will use full sentences in a given situation in a natural and automatic way
– you will understand texts and that means you will understand necessary information when abroad
– you will save time by thematic learning
– you will travel easily and communicate without complexes
– you will use the language at work

Purchasing a course subscription, you authorize us to debit your bank account with the course fee each month.
You can unsubscribe at any time by sending a notice at,

The Russian online language course contains topics useful in various situations where we must use a foreign language effectively.

In everyday life, for example:
Мой дом, Сколько времени?, Моё свободное время, В супермаркете, В магазине одежды, Мой день, Аренда квартиры

At work,, for example::
На работе, Отправление имейлов, Образование, Телефонный разговор

When travelling abroad, for example:
В городе, В ресторане, На каникулах, В отеле, Путешествовать на самолёте

In the case of any problems abroad, for example:
Покупки и рекламации, В отделении полиции, У врача, Машина, Интернет и компьютер, В банке, На экскурсии с гидом